A Proper Introduction

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Dear Polite Society Magazine Reader,

We would like to kindly thank you for visiting us in our new, humble abode, The Polite Society Blog. This has now made you an honorary member of the Polite Society family.  And since, of course, you’ve decided to “follow” us, we hope you’ll be stopping by more often. As such, it is only fitting we give you a proper introduction and a brief history, so we all might become better acquainted.

The idea for a Polite Society publication has been an idea, and major dream of ours, for as many years as I can remember.  Alongside my cousin and co-founder, Jacque Watenewe grew up dreaming of the romantic images of the past.   But as time went on, we realized it wasn’t just tea parties and ball gowns we were enamored with.  We were being drawn more to the standards, ideals, and values embodied in a historical definition of a “Polite Society,” yet transposed over to fit in with our modern daily leaving.  And now… the magazine that once, many years ago, was just a small idea of how-to’s and etiquette tips, has now evolved into a grand journey of internal personal growth. And it is through this personal growth, by looking inward first, a ripple effect is created, thereby causing a widespread impact of good.

The Polite Society team has grown considerably in the past three years and continues to expand everyday.  In addition to myself, Christine Pethel, as Editor-in-Chief, and Jessica Ceason, of Jessica Ceason Photography as Art Director and Co-Editor, we have a vast number of writers, photographers,  editors, creators, consultants, etc., etc. on our  team.  Our magazine is a collaborative effort, created by those who believe in, and strive to improve themselves, as well as those around them, to hopefully create a  better and more peaceful society every day.

Thank you for stopping by.  We have been very pleased to make your acquaintance and we truly hope you will pay us many-a frequent visit.


Christine Pethel, Editor-in-Chief