About Us

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It is the intention of Polite Society to be a positive motivation for people who wish to better the quality of their lives by bringing beauty, inspiration, social awareness, spiritual guidance, and refinement to their attention and daily practice. Polite Society strives to accomplish this by endeavoring to reestablish the values that used to be held in the highest regard by society: Honesty, Virtue, Integrity, Nobility of Character, and a general sense of Compassion for fellow Earth-mates. It is the hope and goal of Polite Society that by implementing these values into the structure of their daily lives, our readers will experience more moments of abundance and joy and less moments of negativity and lack, thereby allowing each individual to live his or her life to the fullest measure in which it was intended to be lived.

As our readers become more aware, through our articles, of the good, grace, and beauty that naturally surrounds their lives, it is the intention of Polite Society that society as a whole, as a human race, will become more connected to one another, more able to understand and serve the needs of others, more conscientious of their own contribution to the general quality of life, and more inclined to act in an upright and honorable manner toward others and themselves.

It is our vision that the Polite Society Online Magazine will be a source of inspiration and positive enlightenment. We will inspire and enlighten our readers through articles on Abundant Living; Travel; Food; Art; Literature; Music; Mind, Body, and Spirit; Health; Pictorials; Book Clubs; Tutorials; Reader Challenges; Humanitarian and Social Issues, etc.