Day #54- Post-Thanksgiving Letdown

November 23, 2012 61 Days of Fall  No comments

I’m not sure about you, but the day after Thanksgiving seems to be more of whirlwind for me, a conflict of two forces… at one moment I want to be relaxing after filling myself with as much food as I can, all while feeling the rush of the holiday season want to pick me up for “lift off”.  I’m not ready for it.  I’ve got friends trying to convince me to wake up at 2:00 a.m. to “hit” all the stores for Black Friday sales while my body just wants to sleep off the huge amounts of Tryptophan ingested the day before. It’s a hangover, and I don’t even drink.

Thus, the day after Thanksgiving can sometimes be a bit of a “weird” day.  I have been told by many friends, year after year, that it was a “weird” day.

So, today, on this day-after-the-biggest-feast-of-the-year-day, I have chosen to make myself a steaming hot cup of pumpkin apple spice tea, wrap myself in a blanket and snuggle with my children watching movies, feasting on leftovers, and talking more about what we’re thankful for. I’m not ready for November, or Fall, to be over.

-Christy, Editor-in-Chief