Day #16- aurora borealis by benjamin schultz

October 16, 2012 61 Days of Fall  One comment


benjamin schultz

lying on the back of my truck, eyes faced to heaven,

the green lights dance in front of the canvas of stars.

head on tailgate, body in bag, face towards heaven

the crisp air around me—i’m really at the arctic circle


by a moving spring in october, the white puffy snow

topples the branches with heaviness,

stillness, so quiet your ears ring

the green and purple lights of the north dance


silently my eyes close to sleep,

the windless forest comforts the vehicle

into the frozen night and the chilling

lifeless coldness that surrounds my face


aurora borealis and the alaskan frontier,

beginning of winter,

i own this spot, and the snowflakes float

on into the deadly silent night, resting on my steaming face


tonight there is solace, tonight there is peace,

tonight, the troubles stir miles away

and the solitary sleep i fade into

holds me like a womb, motherly embrace of the night