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Text by: Jacque Crosswell Watene

Dear Polite Society Friends,

As fall creeps in like a cat on tip toes, softly curling around our ankles and dancing underfoot, we once again find ourselves with the desire to draw hearth-side, sip warming drinks, savor a bowl of hot soup, wear our favorite sweaters, and plan for the holidays speedily approaching. The abundant beauty and colors of nature's glory now surround us and, if you are anything like me, compel you to wonder at the mysteries of this autumnal season. How, in just a few short weeks, do the leaves change from from various deep greens to the symphony of hues no doubt intended by Mother Nature to please our senses? Yes, all can be explained by science- something about the shorter days lending to the lack of photosynthesis taking place in the leaves, yada, yada, yada... But what of the essence of fall? That something magical in the air? I daresay no scientist can explain why the chill in the October breeze cuts right to our bones when we are walking alone under the moon, sending shivers down our spine, quickening our pace. Or how you just feel more mystical this time of year- more in tune with the etheric field, the energies charging and sustaining everything around you.

© Felicity Photography

In this issue of Polite Society Magazine, we seek to understand some of the mysteries of autumn; the tradition of ghost stories and scaring loved ones out of their senses, the changes in nature that reflect the changes we feel within ourselves during this season, the sense that we are all connected to one another by something unseen, gargoyles, pumpkins, trick-or-treating, feasting, parties, hauntingly beautiful music, and perhaps that most mysterious of all creatures, Mr. Edgar Allan Poe.

It is our dearest wish that the magic we, at Polite Society Magazine, feel this time of year will transpose from our pages straight to your mortal soul. May the mysteries and muses of fall abound, uplifting and renewing your sense of wonder and excitement for this most bounteous, mystical season.