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The Power of Now

Text by: April Ruffner

Years ago, I took a pottery class in college. I remember looking at the time frame of the class and thinking, Four hours for a class? How is this possible? But as soon as I sat down at a pottery wheel and began creating a work of art, I was so concentrated on what I was making, my mind never wandered. I wasn't looking back, or seeing forward. I was "in the present." Looking back, I now realize that I was accessing the "Power of Now", or in other words, the power of the moment while accessing my inner creativity.

By being or acting in a creative state, we are experiencing the "Power of Now." This is the power of the present moment. It is without attachment to the past or future. As Eckhart Tolle reveals in his book, The Power of Now, "The present moment holds the key to liberation." He calls this the "no mind" state, meaning our mind is still.

There are many mind noises that keep us from being still, one of which is worry. Worry is like a traffic jam that congests our minds. It will keep us "stuck," holding us back from where we need to be. By worrying, we are choosing not to be fully present. We lose our ability to enjoy simple, momentary freedoms.

Another common mind noise is time. By always being in a hurried state, we are unable to experience our complete conscious awareness. Time is like a whirlwind blowing us from one place to the next. It is the ultimate excuse not to be present. Lack of time feeds the disconnect between the mind and body.

In order to get to the "no mind" state, we must let go of worry and time. We can do this by trusting in the present moment. This concept may be harder to grasp for some than for others. Some are literally carrying their past around, afraid to move forward, fearing negative perceptions from others. They are allowing their past to define who they think they are. The present moment fosters creation of the future. Focusing on it helps us put the past behind us to find freedom in the now.

My pottery class taught me how to be consciously aware in the moment by putting worry and time out of my mind. I found liberation through creation and unexpected enjoyment in the present. I now realize the true "Power of Now," because in that moment, nothing else matters.

Focus on being "present" by accessing your creativity and becoming completely focused on your piece of art. Block out worry and time and access your "Power of Now."