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Credits & Special Thanks

Christine Pethel and Jacque Crosswell Watene
Executive Editor: Brittany Knotts
Assistant Editor: David Lumb
Web Design: SNC Web Services
Lead Photographer: Felicity Maria Photography



Amy Carpenter
April Ruffner
Ashley Shelby
Blake Werner
Brittany Knotts
Christine Pethel
David Lumb
Jacque Crosswell Watene
Jennifer Hunsaker
Jerie Jacobs
Kari Cadenhead
Kerstin Engelhart
Myles Steimle
Novanto Komintas
Penny Orland
Sue E. Peterson
Traci G. Lee


Bill Lindsay Photography
Felicity Maria Photography
Jessica Ceason Photography
Leisa Tapia Photography
Myles Steimle personal archives
Ruth Schultz Photography
Stephanie Stringfellow Photography

All unmarked photography belongs to the copyright secured by the Polite Society Archives.