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Through Your Eyes

Every month, we receive countless emails from readers expressing all that they loved about the current issue. Many have even surprised us with their deepest thoughts and prose relating to the current issue's theme. We decided they needed to be heard. So, as part of a new feature in the magazine, there will be a semi-regular category titled, "Through Your Eyes," in which we ask some of our readers to answer a question relating to the next month's theme. And you never know, you just might see a response from the editors, Jacque and Christine, secretly added in.

For June's theme, Passion, the question we posed was:

If you had five other lives to lead, how would you choose to spend them? Here are some of our ideas, but you're by no means limited to choose from this list: a pilot, a cowhand, a physicist, a psychic, a monk, a scuba diver, a police officer, a children's author, a football player, a belly dancer, a painter, a performance artist, a history teacher, a healer, a coach, a scientist, a doctor, a Peace Corps volunteer, a psychologist, a fisherman, a minister, an auto mechanic, a carpenter, a sculptor, a lawyer, a painter, a computer hacker, a soap-opera star, a country singer, or a rock-and-roll drummer.

Tami Tolman: I always wanted to be an Olympic figure skating medalist. As for the other four lives, I'd like to write children's books, be an artist, travel guide/world explorer, and scientist.

Janna Spencer: Hmmm, an archaeologist, spy, Latin dancer (maybe a spy who is also a fantastic Latin dancer), botanist, a traveler of some sort - pirate, gypsy, etc.

Mark Gardner:
All to Hear, See, Taste, Smell and Feel the perfect Creations of God.

Amy Carpenter: Lemme see— first off: Broadway Star. Then dancer (in another life, I would have taken dance lessons). author, geologist, and secret agent!

Alicia Carter:
Interior Designer
Professional Photographer
High School English Teacher
Columnist or Magazine Journalist

Steph Myers: I feel like I am all of those at once.

Nancy Schultz: Literature teacher, social worker, counselor, librarian, gardener/forest service.

If I had it to do over (because I've already done a lot with my life), these are the things I would be… I am a nurturer and want to help people, so many of my choices relate to that. First, I would have loved to have been a teacher of literature to children, because I love books and authors… and I love children. I'm mostly good with teenagers— like junior high or high school. I would also have been a nurse, to take care of and help people get their health back, or a counselor or a social worker to help struggling marriages and families with problems, etc. I think I am also a pretty good teacher about parenting skills so I could pass on that information to parents. Then I would also love to work in a library around books — just holding them, cataloguing them, reading them, and helping others to love reading would be a passion. Then last of all, there is a part of me that loves the outdoors — like gardening or working for the forest service. I guess there is a running theme with me— I am a nurturer and want to help people. That is why I had so many children. I want to make a difference in people's lives, and to know they can have true happiness and peace in their personal lives, marriages, and as a mother or parent.

Felicity Hancock:
I love to sing, dance, and play piano, but the practical side of me always reigned when considering my future careers. I was very interested in being an archeologist until I found out that much of their careers are teaching in a college classroom, not digging in dirt for treasures and solving mysteries. An author — who knows, maybe that one is still in the cards.

© Kevin Parker Photography, Felicity Maria Photography, Jessica Ceason Photography, Bill Lindsay Photography, Kathya Ethington

Penny Orland:
A singer — I hate being restricted to the shower.
An amnesia patient — a good escape from worry.
A philanthropist — I'd love to make a living at helping others, mostly those less fortunate who need a break.
A stand-up comedian — love laughing more than anything.
A guest — seems like I'm always the "host."
A successful writer — I can count; I know this is 6.

Kerstin Engelhart: I'm still thinking about it but I'm pretty much everything I want to be. Maybe I should say "a mother," but I'm quite sure that I will be one day (in about three years). If I had to choose, I would be an author. And I would like to be the Queen. Not because I would want to be a princess with Prince Charming in a castle, rather more because I would like her job. I've always been interested into foreign policy and I would like to represent my country in foreign countries and act for its interests. Plus I would like to do social and humanitarian work as a living. If I think about it I could also settle as a foreign minister (but I couldn't cope with being dropped). To be honest, I rather would like to be a better version of everything I'm already.

Brittany Knotts:
A network news anchor à la Peter Jennings or Brian Williams (except I'd like to maintain my gender)
An environmental conservationist/explorer
A witch — think Sabrina the Teenage or Hermione Granger, not Wicked of the West
A CIA field agent
A professional singer or actress.
The caveat to all of these would be success and notoriety in all the fields of choice (except for the spy — I'd probably want to retain my anonymity for that one :)

Christine Pethel:
An Inventor
A Famous Novelist
19th Century Queen, Princess or Duchess
Famous Pop or Rock-and-Roll Singer
Celebrity Fashion Model
(and a 6th would be: an artist, as in sculptor, painter, etc.)

Jacque Watene:
An archeologist
A witch in the forest
An herbalist/botanist
A member of royalty (modern era)
Jane Austen