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The Art of Manifesting

Text by: April Ruffner

Our thoughts carry powerful energy that is responsible for our everyday actions and reactions.  These everyday actions and reactions are the results of the magnetic power of the mind, more commonly known as The Law of Attraction. Energy pulses leave our minds and are thrown into the Universe, which then mirrors that which we have thought and will send circumstances to fulfill the original thought or desire. In short, our minds are powerful things. Whatever we focus on will be manifested in our lives. And the more we focus on a certain thought, the more that thought will come true, whether it is a positive or negative thought. In other words, we are attracting what we want, or don't want, simply by thinking, and we become manifestations of our own thoughts. Perhaps, James Allen said it perfectly in his book, As a Man Thinketh. "A man is literally what he thinks, his character being the complete sum of all his thoughts." Thus, we are literally molded by our thoughts. 
© Brittany Knotts

Learning to manifest starts with our thoughts and is fueled by desire, the first real step in manifesting. In attracting the positive things what we want, there must be a deep desire, powered by a belief or a thought congruent with a positive outlook. There are two ways to achieve this: through faith and through positive affirmations. 

The principle of faith is a form of true belief without the element of doubt ruining the intent. In the Christian Bible, some asked Jesus to heal them by saying, "Help my unbelief." These people knew they lacked faith but asked for help, because they knew their desires must match their belief if they were to come true. We must have a belief in some things, even if we do not have tangible evidence that they will come true. We must believe we will receive what we are asking of the Universe despite having no proof that we will.

The second way desire can be attained is through positive affirmation, or in other words, affirming the positive, rather than the negative. The "I am" statement is very powerful within this principle. If a person says, “I am healthy and well,” they will always feel healthy and well. If a person says, “I am sick,” or “I am fat,” however, that person will more than likely always feel sick or fat. Have you ever heard someone say, “I always find a great parking spot!”?  By saying (and truly believing) this thought, they are affirming their luck, and therefore guaranteeing that they will always find a great parking spot. Have you also ever heard someone say, “I never win anything.”? They probably never will…

© Kevin Parker Photography

The second step in manifesting is to ask the Universe (or God). Because our thoughts and beliefs are scientifically proven to be magnetic impulses, our minds will draw to us that which we have asked for. You must, however, try to be very specific in what you want, because whatever you ask for, you will receive. There will always be a response, be it positive or negative. To do this, try to visualize what you want in your mind, or write down your desires in a journal. Be specific and dream the details. Or, rather than simply writing down what you want, create a “Vision Board,” as shown in the film, The Secret. A “Vision Board” is a collage of pictures, from magazines, picture books, or your own drawings that mirror your goal allowing you can visualize and see clearly what you want. Try to remember that when visualizing your dreams and thoughts, think in terms of abundance, rather than lack. And by asking, we are setting ourselves up to receive.

Receiving is the third step in manifesting, something of a hard concept to grasp, because many of us doubt or have feelings of unworthiness. This is a self-sabotaging process, which is only generating more fear and lack. Fear will always hold us back, because it is powered by negative beliefs about ourselves. Another problem in receiving is that many will try to control the desired result. A rule of thumb in manifesting is to always expect the unexpected. As an example, I have a desire to receive tickets to a professional basketball game. For the seats I want, I may have to pay $200, even though I’d rather buy them cheaper, or even get them for free. So by sending the desire for inexpensive or free tickets out into the Universe, and by asking for the Universe’s help, I may find the result to come back in an unexpected way. Who knows? I may have a friend who happens to have two extra tickets to the game, and unexpectedly can’t use them. There could be an element of surprise.

© Kevin Parker Photography

When your desires match your beliefs, you can always expect greatness. So, you must believe.

Learning non-attachment is a very important lesson and the last step in manifesting. The concept of non-attachment is to not be attached to the outcome. We send out what we want, with the hope that at some point it will come back to us.  But when we send it out, we must not have an attachment to, fear of, or obsession with how it will come to be. In Buddhism, "attachment is the origin, the root of suffering; hence it is the cause of suffering." We suffer because of fear. We may also not be patient enough to wait for the result. Non-attachment does not have a time restraint. Only we are controlled by time and space, while our goals and dreams are not. However, when God's will mixes with our will, there may be acceleration in the process.

So, remember the magic formula to learning to manifest: desire, ask, receive, and non-attachment.

"Start now to make your own Vision Board, then ask the Universe to manifest your desires of your vision."