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Text by: Jacque Crosswell Watene

April hath put a spirit of youth in everything
-William Shakespeare
Dear Friends,

How are you enjoying this lovely Spring weather thus far? It is so good to be out and about in the warmth of the sun, enjoying the scent of new life abounding as the season sheds its wintry coat. The sun shining in through my windows inspires me to begin the annual ritual of Spring cleaning, both inwardly and outwardly, and we have included some articles in this month's Polite Society Magazine issue to help inspire your own Spring cleaning ritual.

Spring is a time for renewal; rebirth; beginnings; renaissance. Spring begs to be enjoyed and admired, with its new blossom buds on bare trees, cheerful tulips and daffodils, and singing birds. Spring breathes new life into the world with promises of balmy Summer days yet to come, and the inevitable bounty Mother Earth offers her children each harvest. Spring is hope.

In this issue, titled "Grow," we celebrate the "Spring" within each of us as we till the soil of our souls, making preparations to plant the seeds of goodness and new beginnings in our hearts. We learn to allow the simplicity and beauty of nature to nurture our spirits through such articles and pictorials as "How Does Your Garden Grow," "American Transcendentalists," and "Eating in Season." Together, we will grow as we create our own miniature herb garden pottager, to be grown anywhere from a sunny kitchen counter, to a backyard kitchen garden. We will travel vicariously through world traveler Julia Knapp, to the bustling, chic little town of Portland, Maine. And we will set our hearts a-singing with a romantic-era picnic for two.

We at Polite Society Magazine cherish our friendship with you, dear reader! Please visit our blog and let us know how we can better cultivate that friendship, and also what you find most inspiring about our articles and pictorials. We love hearing from you!

May this Spring delight and renew you both body and soul, heart and mind, inspiring you along your path of personal growth. And, as always, remember the hope in the proverb, "No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow."