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The Love & Gratitude Connection

Text by: April Ruffner

Love is at the core of who we are. As explained by Marianne Williamson in her book, Return to Love, "Love is within us. It cannot be destroyed but only hidden." It is hidden by our disbelief and our inability to properly see clearly who we really are. When we are connected to love, we are connected to our higher state of vibration, which is our spirit state. This is what we are meant to experience, but we sometimes forget.

Love is necessary for healing ourselves and our relationships with others. It is necessary in the forgiveness process. There is an ancient Hawaiian Therapy called Ho'oponopono, which consists of four simple phrases: "Thank you. I forgive you. Please forgive me. I love you." These words demonstrate the concepts of: gratitude, forgiveness, repentance, and love. Dr. Hew Len was able to heal an entire ward of mentally insane patients at a state hospital in Hawaii by repeating this concept revealing that our words carry power and can shift negative energies and turn them into positive ones. When love and gratitude are mixed together, they become a powerful force that have the capacity to heal what is broken or damaged.

The Secret Life of Water written by Japanese researcher, Masaru Emoto, shows how water crystals create a pattern according to the words (or vibrations) that are spoken to it. "Thank you" creates a beautiful pattern while "you idiot" creates chaos, and the water molecules appeared stifled. Pictures were taken before and after prayer. The change is remarkable, again forming a beautiful water crystal. When the words "love and gratitude" were taped to a vial and left overnight, the result was a beautiful and intricate water crystal. We are constantly creating and exchanging energy throughout the day. Imagine how our bodies respond to positive thoughts and words when we are composed of 70% water!

Gratitude gives us a greater sense of well-being. It is the quickest way to transform any situation from a negative to a positive. Focusing on a problem keeps us stuck in the problem, whereas expressing gratitude for the lesson or hidden blessing that we are learning in any negative situation quickly shifts/transforms the negative energy to positive. Choosing to say "thank you" for this opportunity to learn and grow instead of complaining about the situation instantly opens the door for solutions.

Expressing gratitude allows us to accept rather than resist what is happening ("what you resist, persists"). It is a form of surrendering to our highest good. We are able to connect to the love and joy in our hearts and to our highest ability to love. Whenever we consciously choose to bring love to any situation, we are choosing to heal.