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Letter From The Editors

Text by: Jacque Crosswell Watene, Co-Editor-in-Chief

As the hustle and bustle of the holiday season draws to a close, we tend to draw inward, taking personal inventory of our lives, our dreams, and the reality in which we dwell. We pledge to make and keep new goals. We promise to lose the extra ten pounds that we have been trying to lose for the past few years, always blaming the weight on the holiday goodies we overindulged in. We draw up lists of lofty goals that we believe we will adhere to (this time). And often, too often, we find ourselves right back where we began last January —dreams still unrealized, goals unmet, and to-do’s undone. That failure is felt deeply… But maybe there is a reason for these unattained desires — our seeming inability to progress. Maybe, just maybe, we have been focusing on the wrong things. Lists. Goals. Ambitions. Aspirations. Consider that perhaps, instead of changing our actual goals, behaviors, and habits to make us better people, we need to focus on changing the person within, before our deepest desires can be realized. In the premiere issue of Polite Society Magazine, we will begin to take steps that will lead us down the path toward a wholeness of self. We will journey through life’s open and closed doors, taking and making opportunities that will aid us on that path toward inner fulfillment. We will learn how to experience more joy in our lives. We will find contentment in the small and simple pleasures this world offers in abundance. We will allow ourselves to be authentic and learn how to become the most wonderful, genuine version of ourselves. You will find within this issue’s articles and pictorials, many references to the word “door.” Doors symbolize new chapters and journeys in our lives. Doors are often closed, but can easily be opened when we have the right key. And doors are beautiful and interesting to gaze upon. Come with us as we vicariously journey through the eyes and senses of Kirsten Hatch to Florence, Italy. Experience culinary bliss as you create a delicious, homemade Butternut Squash or Creamy Potato Leek soup brought to you from the kitchen of Whitney Ingram, a.k.a. “Rookie Cookie.” Experience the joy of raising your consciousness and spirituality with certified energy therapist, April Ruffner. Ponder the many signs and symbols that doors offer us in the article, “Doors, Symbolized.” And join in with other Polite Society Magazine readers as our Book Club peruses and discusses the engaging and delightful story of Francis Hodgson Burnett’s, “The Secret Garden.” This magazine has truly been a labor of love; indeed, all of the writers, photographers, graphic designers, editors, and contributors have offered their talents to Polite Society, all for the love of the project, and without monetary compensation. For that, we are deeply grateful and honored. We could not have completed this project without each and every one of them! We hope, above all, that you are as touched and uplifted by reading Polite Society Magazine as we have been in creating it.